I been her durable power of attorney since March 2014. Mom could do what she did before but she don't want to get up. She can't walk but she has always got up and got in her wheelchair and holding it while she gets in car or just in it when she gets up.....she has gotten so mean towards me I don't know what to do if she need someone with her. I can't do it when she's mean to me. What do I do please? Thank You

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Can you explain the situation with your Mom?  Does she live with you or by herself in a house or apartment?  Have you tried to hire other caregivers to take care of your Mom?  Are the changes in regards to being unable to get up recent and sudden or have the changes occurred slowly over time?  What do you mean "Mom has gotten mean to me to the point she talks to me about dying."--Do you think that she is talking of dying just to upset you or do you think that she really wants to die because of her declining health?

We really need more information in order to give more appropriate suggestions about your situation with your Mom.
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If this is something new, you need to get her to a doctor to be evaluated. I see you have asked a couple of questions concerning Dementia. The only way you can find out is to take Mom to a Neurologist and have him run tests. Give him a list of what you have seen and new behaviors. This will help in the way he questions her.
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