Mom has very dry skin that causes her to itch and scratch a lot which sometimes causes infections. Nothing seems to work. Can anyone recommend anything that really does work?

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I can also attest to aquaphor. The duct tape of dermatology! =)
Also... Avon's moisture therapy line. The calming relief is for itchy dry skin. Also, their intensive line is exceptionally good. The hand cream, lotion and extra strength cream.
Now. The other thing is to get her skin moisturized the second she is mostly dry from the bath/shower. Even using baby oil can help.
Also, (I'm not the natural everything organic type.) using a gentler soap /body wash could help. The itching could be from preservatives in shampoo /conditioners and body wash. It is very common for an allergic reaction to certain preservatives.
Another thing it could be is a reaction to the chlorine /chloramines in the water. There are multiple varieties of shower head filters. Sprite I think is the name of one. Reasonably priced. And change the filters every three months or so.
You can also try a gentler laundry soap. All free and clear is one to try.
One more thing...Lowering the temperature of the bath even just a little bit can help too.
I hope this helps!
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Aveeno has several products for dry shin and itching. There is a shower wash soap too.
The brands mentioned above work well too.
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Cetaphil and Aquaphor both are proven, non-allergenic and fragrance free.. When she does have a cut or scratch, generously slather on bacitracin.

Keep her nails manicured and filed smooth so they don’t snag her skin as easily and give her things to do with her hands so she doesn’t scratch out of boredom.
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