Dr. says she may not release her to go home but mom wants to come home. I was her caregiver prior to hospitalization. My sister says we HAVE to hire someone to care for her by law. Is this true?

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no, it’s not generally true but there may be circumstances we don’t know about??
Was mom found to be abused in some way, not given the care she required? Being one person and having two people to care for could be very hard and your parents could wind up not getting the care they need. How is dad’s health? How is yours?
Is your mom on hospice with her CHF? Is your sister your mom’s POA?
Rehab could help her get stronger before coming home. Maybe you and mom could compromise with sister by agreeing to rehab and then seeing how it goes. It would give you time to rest up a bit and give dad some extra attention. Just a thought.
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I think perhaps everyone is telling you that mom needs 24/7 care.

One person cannot provide that, because that person needs to sleep.

Can mom hire 3 shifts of caregivers? Is your sister worried about YOUR health?
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