My Mom has Dementia and Pancreas Cancer. Her home is not fit for her to live in anymore. I have found better housing for her but I am unable to get her to get her things moved! Are there any agencies out there that assist with this type of help??

I think you might have to hire someone to do this. It's unfortunate that you can't do it, but are there any other family members that could?

There are moving companies to deal with her stuff but they can't make decisions on what to keep and/or throw away.

Maybe have to hire a transport service of some sort for getting her to the new place.
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Real estate agents may have a list of professional services. There are ones that come into the home, take photos of furniture and sell on on line auctions. They usually take a percentage from the sale plus any additional services.
Another way is to donate and give away.
As for moving mom's stuff to her next home. It costs less when you only move a few items.
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Is mom on hospice? I would imagine, pancreatic cancer progresses very quickly, many times. Call the Area Agency on Aging for ideas.
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