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What form of Dementia does she have?
If she has Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer's it is possible that she will have a stroke.
As the Dementia progresses anything could be the cause of death.
Heart attack
are just a few.
It is possible that she may qualify for Hospice. If so they will help answer all your questions, they will help with supplies and equipment as well as education. You will have help and support. There no longer has to be a "6 months or less" my husband was on Hospice for 3 years and I would not have been able to care for him the way I did without the help I got from Hospice.
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This could happen. It will happen when the Dementia gets to the part of the brain that controls the heart and breathing. They will just stop.
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my dad had multiply medical conditions. and my mom does too.
im sure when my dad passed away, it was from multiply things - not just alzheimers. he was almost 93 and in poor health overall.
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It depends on her overall health.  How old is your Mother?  Does she have a history of heart disease or heart failure (CHF) or diabetes or kidney failure or any other major health illness?
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WillyB Aug 25, 2018
All her vital signs as I said are good and no history of heart disease or failure and kidneys are functioning. On only 3 meds a mild blood pressure pill, cholesteral again mild and a pill for GERD. Thanks
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