The Urologist has not come up with any solution and mom spends a fortune on diapers! Not only are aides expensive, but buying 2-3 packs of diapers per week really adds up on spending!

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Unfortunately, unless she’s on Medicaid which pays for incontinence supplies, welcome to the club. I (affectionately) refer to my husband as “Mr. Niagara Falls”. I wash sheets and underpads every other day. If he floods on the floor, I vacuum and mop that as well. I also have to bathe him and wash the mattress.

Places like Amazon offer a whopping 5% discount when you enroll in their auto program where they send out a case every month.

I watch the newspaper for coupons and sales. I contact manufacturers and ask for coupons and free samples. I buy store brands. I like Walgreens. Walmart’s are ok, but Walgreens is better.

If she’s always wet, either she’s not changing often enough or the product doesn’t fit or absorb well enough. Try adding an extra pad.

This is just one one of the “fun” things about incontinence. It’s trial and error.
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GA in PA has made a good suggestion. Depends pull-ups work well. They are not diapers. Walmart has a store brand called Assurance that are pull up disposable underwear. They can be purchased by the case. There are also some better priced options on Amazon for disposable underwear.

Ask her urologist if an Interstem urinary pacer is feasible. My mother had one and it was very effective. It is a device surgically implanted in the back just under the skin. It sends impulses to the urinary tract system and helps in controlling the frequency and urgency. My mom had her first one for about 7 years. When it wore out she got a newer model that lasted for 13 years until her death.

Not everyone is a good candidate for an Interstem and some insurances will not cover.
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Don’t know if this would work for you, but I have been using an overnight pad and a Depends for my mom. When the pad gets wet, she will remove it herself and discard it, and pull up the Depends. When the Depends gets wet she will usually tear at it, remove it and go without coverage. I do have to partially remove some of the adhesive on the pad by pressing it repeatedly against my pants leg before inserting it into the Depends.
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