If I catch her she says she is not.

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I had the same experience with my father. He would feed my dog from the table. I asked my father not to do it but he continued. No amount of reasoning did any good. He would just get angry. Our dog had medical issues and we had to monitor his food. We had many arguments over this. Our dog died but I believe that my father was also giving him his medicine. The best thing to do is put the dog in another room during mealtimes. No amount of reasoning with a dementia patient is going to work. So sorry you are going through this; I know how frustrating it can be.
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I agree with Cwillie. I wouldn't bother telling her to not feed the dogs at the dinner table. If it's not working, either she forgets what you said or she doesn't have the ability to stop doing it. I'd either let it go, as long as the dogs aren't being harmed or put them in another room while she's dining.

Of, if she seems to enjoy it, why not get dog treats and give them to her so she give the dogs their scheduled treats right at dinner time.
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You can't use logic with dementia - even if she agrees with you she isn't going to remember the next time so scolding her isn't helpful. You can't change her so you are going to have to change yourself, you can either watch her like a hawk or keep the dogs in another room at meal times.
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