She is going to go private, we are taking my Mom out of assisted living, she wants 250 a day plus we have to do payroll taxes, I need feedback, she has lots of experience,,, thank you,

This is going to cost about the same as an agency.

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$250 a day, for how many hours? Mom is is ALF, not NH so maybe she does not require 24 hour care. If this is not 24 hour, can she live alone, or will she be living with someone? If you need active 24 hour care, a single person is not enough, regardless of what you pay, you need shifts. If she only needs daytime care a single person could work.

Just make sure you compare what you are getting for the cost. Going private means you need a strategy for days off, planned and unplanned. Caregivers get sick too.

Price being equal ( which often it s not) and assuming a good facility, the benefit of a facility if there is always someone on duty.

My BF mom is in a nice ALF. He "breaks her out" a minimum of once a week, often more. She lives at the ALF, but still looks forward to weekly salon visits, movies and casino outings. He does not have to worry about her falling while he is at work. It works. She would rather live at home, but acknowledges this is safer, it is less stressful for all involved. Because she still has portions of her life before ALF, she does not get sad about being there. She is a nice easy going senior who needs a little help, but still has a lot of quality life ahead of her. I am a big fan of this set up.....when feasible.
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