She has lost the ability to walk and has become very combative. I have been the only family member who has been involved with her care. NH calls me when ever there is an issue.They now tell me its just a matter of time I feel so depressed mom was a very bright loving caring person and to see her in the state she's in is devastating. All other family members have stopped going to see her. I never thought it would end like this.

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Thank you all for words of encouragement and advice. She is being tested tomorrow for anything that may be causing the rapid decline. She also is already on meds for anxiety and aggressiveness. Being so close to some one with this disease has been a heartbreaking experience that I would not wish on any one.
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I'm sorry that your mom has been experiencing such a steep decline. It's heartbreaking, I know.

Is there a geriatric psychiatrist who visits the facility who could evaluate her for meds that might calm her? It must be torture for her too, to be so agitated. Perhaps if she wasn't combative, other family members would visit.?

Another thing to consider is if Hospice care might be an option .
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I didn’t deal with Alzheimer’s but did deal with having a mom in a nursing home for four years. You’re right, it’s very hard to cope, it’s so hard to watch the decline and see the tough changes in your parent. However, your other family members are very wrong to no longer visit. Mom may not know, or be her former self, but those visits are important in letting the staff know that family cares. It may not be the best side of human nature but it’s true nevertheless, when they see you care, they care more. The staff needs to have family there checking in, seeing that things are well, showing concern for mom. I’m glad you’re still doing this even though it’s so hard. Please discuss with her doctor if there’s a med to help with the combativeness. Try to focus on the mom that was, remembering the good times even in the midst of the storm. Blessings as you walk this road
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Have her urine checked for UTI. If negative ask to have test run for potassium levels or anything that could cause weakness in the legs. If they find nothing, its just part of the desease. Meds can be given for anxiety.
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