Nothing cures it permanently. She has tried various creams, and it gets better, but it always come back, and apparently she can have intense itching at times. Does anyone know of any creams or have any other suggestions? Could it be an infection? Possibly I should ask her doctor again about it, as when we asked him about five years ago, he didn't seem too concerned. Thanks for any help.

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Sensitive topic here, have you had your mom Fecal stool tested for infestation of worms, I know sounds iCKKY only very much true with fresh produce and all natural products out now, You may want to have check
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I use the cream, till it goes away...and then use it once or twice a week, to keep it away.This works if you remember, but if it's not itching , she won't think/talk of it...... If I forget 1 week, it comes back. I also think Christina is right about makes sense in moms situation. I'm going to try that too. Good luck!
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This is just my intuition responding; I have no medical expertise.
Does she eat a lot of sweets? She could have yeast ( candida). Make sure she eats mostly fresh vegetables, protein, and low glycemic fruits. Apples, lots of water. Get her off sweets for 2 weeks and see what happens. Good luck:) xo
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