Mom has a UTI with vancomycin resistance (VRE). She is on dialysis, with diabetes and vascular dementia - help! -

Mom has a UTI with vancomycin resistance (VRE). She is on dialysis, with diabetes and vascular dementia - help!


My mother has a UTI with VRE. She is a dialysis patient, lives in assisted living with diabetes, heart disease, and early to mid vascular dementia. Concerned she will not recover from this. Any advice is welcome!



Mom’s needs may have changed which means she needs more care. AL often does not provide additional help. You can consider private paying an agency CG to stay with your mother 24/7 while mom gets better and returns to her prior level of functioning.
If mom doesn’t improve , then perhaps she needs to be cared for in a SNF level of care. VRE takes a long time to treat, and mom should be on infection control Precautions until she has cultured negative for the VRE. 
If I were you, I would hire an additional CG/CNA privately to help while your mother recuperates. If mom doesn’t improve, you will have to pursue a SNF bed and transferring her there as the  private pay CG will get expensive fast. 
If mom does improve where she is again able to function well in an AL environment and achieve the level of self care required by AL, then you are good to go and can keep her there.
VRE is contagious. She should be on body fluid precautions now while in AL. 
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VRE is just like MRSA. It is resistant to antibiotics so it may take a long time to clear.Please ensure that staff have protective equipment (gloves) when coming in contact with urine and wash hands after contact with her. Does the AL know to make sure staff are educated?
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Vancomycin resistant Enterococci.
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VRE? New one on me.

When did she become acutely ill? What is her doctor's advice?

Are you able to be with her? If so, then keeping as calm as you possibly can so that you be a reassuring presence for her is perhaps the best anyone can do. I'm sorry for what you're going through.
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