My mom has $9,000 in the bank. If I put her in a nursing home, do they get her money?

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Mom will need to pay for her stay in the NH either through:
- private pay (from moms resources or by her family if they want to) or
- long term care insurance or
- medicaid, if she qualifies.
Not all NH take LTC insurance or participate in medicaid.

For those who are "at need" both financially (basically impoverished) & medically (need skilled nursing care), medicaid gets applied for. Medicaid pays for about 60 -70% of all NH residents. If mom is a widow with 9k in savings as her total assets, she will likely have to spend down that 7k on things for herself or her care to get to the 2k asset max allowed. Her monthly income - like her SS$ - will need to be paid every month to the NH as the required copay (or SOC / share of cost) too. Once on Medicaid, the only flexible $ mom will ever have is her small PNA - personal needs allowance. PNA varies by state from $ 35 - $115 a mo. But that's it from here on out for moms $ once on NH Medicaid.
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Purselady - the nursing homes in my state will take that money and use it for her care (as I've been told). If she has any other assets, like pension funds, a home, etc. I would suggest that you contact a good lawyer who is knowledgeable in Senior healthcare issues. If your mom only has $9,000 to her name, see if you have Medicaid in your state.

I hope this helps.
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Who is going to pay for her care if she is not? Help me with what you are thinking?
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