She was not cold. This is new. And what do I do? I called the on-call dr. No help. He said he "didn't know her and it could be a thousand things". I walked her to the bathroom and had to clean her up and her poop was green. This is new too. She had a good dinner of fish, fresh broccoli, potatoes so I don't think she was sick from the food. I put her to bed and she was shaking so bad. I just held her hand and stayed with her 'til she fell asleep. I will call her neurologist for appt. but that won't be 'til Monday. Any ideas of what I can be doing to help her and what your experience has been with this? She seems to be going another level downward...

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This could be an infection. If she has a another BM, save some and then take her to ER. Since this is dramatic, maybe you should take her to ER anyway - especially if she has a fever. It's hard to get a doctor to do much over the phone. Certainly, by Monday, follow your plan to get her in to a doctor if no one has seen her before that.
Good luck. Please update us on how this goes.
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If this doesn't call for an ER visit, I don't know what does. You're going to call her neurologist on Monday for an APPOINTMENT? It's been five hours since your post. If mom is still shaking, call 911.
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