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My Mother passed away recently and I am the executor of her will. Seven months prior to her passing, my Mom, brother and I worked together to sell her home and car and got rid of all of her possessions with the exception of a few pieces of furniture that she kept to use in her new assisted living apartment. Mom had a joint checking account with my brother who was her POA. When Mom passed away all she had was the few pieces of furniture she had kept from her sold home and the joint checking account...she had no savings accounts, no safety deposit boxes, no investments, no real estate, no retirement accounts, no expensive jewelry or collections of any kind. She is insolvent.

Mom lived in the state of IN and since she died with nothing but some odd pieces of furniture do I have to do anything with the State of Indiana in regards to her death/lack of estate? My brother and I get along just fine and there is nothing to fight over but I am wondering if I need to fill out a Small Estate Affidavit or forms for unsupervised administration to prove that Mom was insolvent upon death. I know Mom has no assets or cash but how do I best prove that to the State or do I even have to?

Mom does have medical bills and credit card bills (approx $8,000) so I will contact those companies to let them know there is no money or estate to pay them from.

Any info or tips are greatly appreciated as I would prefer to not hire an attorney to waddle through this situation.

Thank you so much-

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Go to the Probate office and see what they say. You may not have to dovanything.
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I hate to ask. but here goes. you sold her home and she used all the money for assisted living for 7 months? im sorry but you gave information and now im curious. you don't have to answer I know that. Was she getting credit card bills for 7 months?
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I'm not sure that you have to do anything. When you write those companies include a copy of your mother's death certificate. Don't let them bully you or your brother into paying her debts.
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