Or tiny TIA? She also was complaining of her chest (left breast) being sore less than an hour earlier. I don't know what to think since these symptoms don't persist.

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You really should call her doctor or take her to ER for evaluation, it could be heart or TIA/stroke related and it could be something else but the repercussions aren't worth ignoring and avoiding them if it is a warning about something bigger will cause far more havoc than the time and PIA it will be taking her to be evaluated now.
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It's impossible for any of us to give you a diagnosis based on the little bit of information you have given, it could be a TIA or it could be an eye problem or it could be anxiety and lightheadedness or.....
If you really do suspect a TIA or stroke you need to take her to urgent care or the ER, little strokes can be precursors of big ones.
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