My brother, who has POA, says that the only way for my mom to receive some skilled nursing care at home is to enroll in hospice. She is recovering very slowly from back surgery and needs more care than just the home health aides can offer but I do not want her enrolled in hospice because we just went through a nightmare experience with Hospice concerning my late father. My brother has my siblings convince that to receive extra and more professional help her only option is to enroll in Hospice.

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Medicare pays for post acute care, including care after surgery. this care can include rehab but also include any skilled nursing care required. the care can be provided in a rehab center or in the home, all depending on the needs/desires of the person and ability of the family to assist.
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Why wouldn't she go to rehab in a facility? That would be covered by Medicare for at least 20 days. If she still is making progress, it would be covered by Medicare and her supplemental plan together.

Hospice is for people with life limiting illnesses. Is your mother being told she is eligible for hospice?
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