I'm writing to see who can I talk to about my mother getting some type of financial help with caring for my grandmother. My mother and grandmother lives in Dothan Alabama and she has been taking care of my grandmother for years and a friend of mine said my mother could get some type of assistance with caring for my disabled grandmother. My mother does not work and she is currently going through the process of getting her social security so this would be her only source of income. Will you please tell me who I need to talk to if this is possible?

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Thank you for the information and I will definitely get on this asap.
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If Gramma is on Medicaid, the first person I would talk to would be the Medicaid case worker. I don't know how it works in Alabama, but here in Minnesota a family member can definitely get paid for caring for someone on Medicaid. It has to be a service Medicaid approves and the family member may need to take some training. Medicaid does not pay for 24/7 in-home care, but whatever they do approve can be provided by a family member. For example, if the Medicaid worker assesses that Gramma is entitled to a visiting nurse once a week and 18 hours of a health aide, then Mom could probably get paid for 18 of the hours she provides care. She probably isn't qualified to do the work of the visiting nurse.

This is definitely worth looking in to.
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