I take care of my elderly mother, I am a 52 yr. old male waiting on a disability benefits decision from a career ending accident and have no income and we live off of $1,200 a month from my mothers social security benefits. She cannot be left alone for more than a couple of hours a week and I hate leaving her but I have errands such as food shopping, etc... My question is why cant she have access to her assets such as her half of the home we live in? My father owns the other half and they have been separated for over 25 yrs. and the house is free and clear with no mortgage. He is 85 yrs old and still very mentally abusive to both of us when he visits and is a control freak on top of it all. (He does not live with us) We cannot afford to make necessary home repairs and worst of all remodel the bathroom to meet her needs such as a handicap toilet, safety grab bars and installing a handicap shower for her safety so she does not fall. Is there a way for her to take some type of 2nd mortgage or better yet a reverse mortgage where she wont have any payments? He will not help financially for home repairs, necessities or the items mentioned above. He wants me gone and the house 100% in his name and I have no clue what his plans are for my mother. We have no vehicle to get around in and he will not help with that either. I was thinking of consulting an attorney about this and forcing my father by court order to do something but need some advice from anyone who has been through or is going through a similar situation. She gets a whopping $80 a month for food stamps and is living well below the poverty level and she deserves more dignity than what she is exposed to. The main problem is they are still legally married but he did abandon my mother and the house almost 30 years ago. Taking care of her is a full time job for me and I cannot work because of the severity of my injuries but bring in a small amount of cash monthly from a online store. We need help desperately very soon. I also have power of attorney for my mother if that is any consolation. Please help by answering my questions relating to everything including the reverse mortgage and seeing a decent attorney about this entire matter. Thank you.

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Wouldn't a divorce be a good way to get him to divide the assets? An ex-husband may have more obligations to an ex-wife than a husband!

You certainly need a lawyer! Try to get free services from /via your local area council on aging. I'm so sorry for all your troubles.
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The elder law attorney sounds like a really, really good idea. None of us here are lawyers (that I know of) and your father sounds like someone who would have no qualms about taking away anything he legally can from you and mom. I'm glad you got POA and not him.
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