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Dear "Tflores,"

When my mom was in AL, they were supposed to "watch" her take her medications. Twice, I found full medication cups laying around.

Since I don't know much about the entire situation maybe you can lock it up until you're with her (I'm assuming she lives with you) and you'd be able to account for everything in case she didn't take something or took a double dose.
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If she forgets to take her medicine she won't remember that you want to be there when she takes it either. It's time for additional help. Thinking back to my father I think that his medicine issues were when he really needed to move to assisted living, although he/we muddled through long past that point. I tried everything - filling up the daily medicine box and then hiding the rest of the meds, calling to ask if he'd taken them, etc. He would take them from the medicine box randomly "borrowing" from other days, or dropping them in the floor and then taking a random pill from a different day or just forgetting to take them for days or taking them twice a day because he "forgot". And always telling me on the phone that he'd just taken them or would take them the minute we hung up. Luckily his medicines were pretty benign so he didn't end up with any crises. Don't go down this insane path.
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Has she been diagnosed with cognitive decline or dementia? Do you know that she has memory problem and forgets to properly take her meds? If so, you can't rely on her to remember what you tell her. You could warn her a hundred times a day, but, she would forget it. With dementia, a person may forget what you say 30 seconds after you say it. The only solution is to have the medication given under supervision. I'd discuss it with her doctor. I'd also be wary of leaving her meds in her possession. With poor memory, she could take the same pill multiple times a day, forgetting it's already been taken. It could be risky.
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Please fill out your Profile. It really helps us to answer questions.

First, how old is Mom and what health problems does she have. Is she living with you or on her own?

If your Mom suffers from a Dementia, she will not remember to take her meds. That's where Caregivers come in. They now have to see that she gets her meds when needed. Even if no dementia, there is some cognitive decline as we age.
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