My mom forgets that she isn't supposed to use the stairs alone and forget to use her walker, what can we do without always being in the same room as her?

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beta42, love your solutions! Thanks for sharing.

insane, hope you find a successful solution real soon. It's unnerving, to say the least. I especially like the motion sensor idea betwa42 shared.
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went thru same thing - mom started aricept -alzkheimers - dizziness was side effect- she kept falling at night and in the day - i sat next t her 24/7-thought i was going insane too -started to sleep on the floor in her room to help her to bathroom so she wouldnt fall - she was so quiet - she would slide down to the bottom of the bed and get out without me hearing-my daughter took care of her for 6 months and said i told you shes a ninja-lol! anyway i bought a video monitor from babies r us- i put it in the room i am in -exercise room for example- and if she starts to get up i stop and help her. but at night i couldnt stay up all night watching the monitor- so i bought an $89 motion detector - wow what a life saver- it beeps in my room - look at the monitor to see if shes getting up - no more falls- works great- my husband and i can get i the hot tub,i put the motion detector beeper in the backyard so i dont have to constantly be looking at the monitor- we now have some what of a normal life- mom is 79 - me 48. make sure you get the monitor with the portable hip monitor- so if you have to leave the room that has the tv monitor you can still check to make sure shes safe- good luck!!!
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