My Mom has fluid retention, sharp cough, feels exhausted, has stomach issues. Any advice?


She was treated for celioutis, but it has changed her health, she has low iron and barely can get around, she refuses having the doctors do much for her. i feel it is heart related but her blood pressure is good. and doctor says her lungs were clear. She saw a different doctor who gave her the blood work up and said her iron was low and her Thyroid result was high. she was hospitalized but after 7 days sent her home with all these problems getting worse. Her foot now has a large purple ring which a few days ago her had was swollen. Have conflicting between doctors and the right treatment. She works against what they try to suggest. This is a two fold problem.

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When she spikes a fever, get her to the ER. If she is coughing, her lungs are NOT clear. Elevate her feet to reduce the swelling. She probably needs a hospital bed or extra pillows at night. What you describe sounds like the later stages of Congestive Heart Failure.
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I would suggest that your mom see a geriatric doctor, which is someone specializes in the care of the elderly. They are pretty masterful at getting a good overall picture of what is going on.
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