My mom fell into depression and cries all the time. Any advice?


My mom has congestive heart failure, and major pulmonary issues and is oxygen. She is always in pain and doesn't follow doctors advice of doing light exercise.
I am her only child and she lives with me.
Things are getting very with her I can't even leave the house without her calling me every few minutes. It's very difficult to even hold a job. My dogs stay away from her as all she does is cry.
She is on anxiety medicine
I need advice,....please help

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Your dogs are in survival mode, avoiding something that will make them ill. You need to do the same to preserve your own health. Time for a nursing home, honest, it will keep you from losing your mind.
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Depression isn't a normal part of aging and can often be treated with medication. Like jeannegibbs said, when someone has depression it can be very difficult to get them up and going much less motivated to get the depression treated but your mom will have to see her Dr. if she's to find her way through the depression. I wish her well.
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Sounds like she needs her meds adjusted for one thing!

What are her doctors doing for the pain?

It is VERY hard for persons with depression to take initiative. You might help by inviting her for a short walk with you. Or to go window shopping in a mall, ending with a treat. Just getting the body moving (without calling it exercise) can be a helpful start.
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