In hospital for almost 8 days. She is on Vicodin and Tylenol, starting to eat a bit. But is still in pain on her head and neck. Refuses to do PT and OT. She will need Rehab when they release her but facility wont take her unless she tries. What can I do? I have been telling her everything. This is not my mom, she is usually very active and social.

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Since, she's not usually like this, might be too much Vicodin? Maybe could talk with doc about cutting back a little bit on it, increasing tylenol to see if that makes her more like her old self?

It could also take awhile for her to recover from her injury. Takes longer when you're older too.

Can you have PT come to her ALF?
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Camm, gosh if I had fallen and landed on my face/head, I wouldn't feel like doing physical therapy either. And Vicodin can zone someone out, making them feel dizzy when standing, etc.

And with your Mom being 91 [as per your profile] plus having Alzheimer's/Dementia, this isn't easy for your Mom as hard falls can be very scary, and there is that fear that it would happen again.

Hope your Mom starts feeling better from the injury.
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To be honest, she probably will not do well with PT, OT in rehab. They only get it for a couple of hours a day and the rest of the time, if a falling hazzard, will be stuck in a wheelchair. At my care meeting Therapist said Mom couldn't follow instructions, then that she didn't remember the exercises from day to day. Duh, she had Dementia. But...they kept her there for 18 days after 3 days in the hospital. She was there just to get her strength back which is 3 days for every day in the hospital. So 9 days should have been it. Personally, if its just to get her strength back, I would ask to have therapy at the AL. I did this with my Mom. She will be where she is comfortable. Rehab is going to be strange with people she doesn't know. I would not put her thru this. I swore my Mom would never go to rehab again.
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