My mom is in a care home and for the last week has started to feel sick. The nurse said if it doesn't go we will ask the doctor to come but they haven't sent for the doctor and she isn't being sick just said she is feeling sick my mom is ninty six

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Pasport, any new medicine in your Mom's routine? Side effects from meds can give you that all over run down sick feeling.

I know for myself, I had to stop take multi-vitamins as they were upsetting my stomach.
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It can take the wisdom of Solomon to know when to call in a doctor when some elderly people are feeling sick. My mother is sick all the time. If I ask her what the specific problem is, she gets irritated and says that she just feels bad all over. It often adds on that she probably needs to go to the hospital. It makes me feel like a bad caregiver when I don't shift into gear and do something for her. But to tell the truth, since I go through this so often and there are no concrete symptoms, I really don't know what to do. The nurse may feel the same way. If you feel that your mother does need to see a doctor, tell the nurse to go ahead and call him/her in. It may be something like a UTI, which can make some people feel bad all over. (UTIs affect my mother this way.)

Sometimes things are not easily fixed. Feeling bad can go with aging and dementia. But if it can be fixed, it would make your mother more comfortable, so encourage the nurse to call in the doctor.
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