She likes to eat but she feels like she would like to vomit after. She also feels that she like to "pooh" everything she eats ASAP. Her stool is part wet and part firm. and she does this after meal... no more than 10 minutes after. what should i do

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Agreed, chat with doctor. Swallowing is a big issue for my dad. We have him sitting straight up while eating and sometimes use Thicken Up in liquids.
We also keep a journal on the kitchen counter and all activity is documented. Tummy aches, BM's, urine output, food intake (dad takes Megace to improve his appetite, works great!). Nearly everything is written down; vitals every am, sugar count, showers, injuries (skin tears) and treatment, we use a product called "second skin" - awesome stuff. Then when we visit the doctor, the PA scans the page dated journal for important tells of what may be happening, if anything. The doctor is fully informed and they really like having written info which helps them better treat him or adjust meds. Similar to charting like when he is in the hospital. Dad likes it too! When he gets worked up because he thinks he hasn't had a BM in a week - well, we pull out the book and show him the dated page with BM listed, calms him right down. The devil is in the details. Knowledge is power.
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This is something to discuss with her doctor. Does she have problems swallowing, or do the problems occur only after she eats? She feels nauseated, but does she actually vomit? How long does the nausea last? Make careful observations and notes for a few days and then contact the doctor with the details.
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