Mom's in end stages of COPD. Who can I contact for in home help with care?


My mother is in her end stages of copd and has congestive heart failure. We have been informed she has anywhere from a year to 2 left and that was about 6 months ago. My family and I have been stressed and struggling trying to take care of her and we would like to look into home care. Someone to just sit and give her company and make sure she eats and help with daily chores. She can still get around but cannot leave the house or really do much of anything. We bring her dinner in the evening and get her medications out for her and have everything she needs close to her so she doesnt have to move much but the big issue is she is getting lonely during the day and in the evenings when no one is there and she gets scared when she is by herself and she cant breathe or her chest hurts. Who do i contact in Indiana for help or information?

Thank you

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Call your local hospice. They offer many services that will really bless you and your Mom, including just sitting with her, bathing, help with eating, etc...
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