Mom eaten very little. Any advice? -

Mom eaten very little. Any advice?


My mom is 94 and has had dementia for at least 14 years. She is in a memory care facility for 2 years now. She usually knows family when visiting is someone she knows but places us in the correct context very rarely. She can't walk but is able to wheel herself around with her feet which are often moving even if the brakes are on so she can't move. Recently she has been losing weight and showing little interest in food. She has lost 9 pounds in last 6 weeks and is now only 86 pounds. However there are times she eats fairly well. They are trying protein drinks which she will drink some times. She does still like sweet treats and takes fluid. Is this the natural wining down end of life behavior? How long can she can we expect her to go on like this.

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We all need to remember that if someone isn't up and about moving or getting some type of exercise, they probably won't have an appetite. And as we age, our sense of taste isn't the same which could be the reason so many elders love sugary food. My parent's grocery list is filled with muffins, Little Debbie's, cartons of ice cream, etc. but I never say anything to them... they are in their mid-90's so they must have been doing something right all these years.

Veronica91, thanks for the smile on the food for thought :)
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As has been said this is very usual at the end of life let her eat and drink anything she likes as long as it is not detrimental ie sugar and diabetes. Protein drinks and smoothies are fine but only if she actually enjoys them. A pint of Ben and Jerrys could be more to her taste.
I really do hope no one makes me one of those "delicious' kale and carrot smoothies when I am 94.
Note to self make a list of food I will be willing to tolerate when I am 94. I am thinking of heading the list with one of those parfaits with lets see Drambrea or creme de menthmm and some blue cheese on a Ritz cracker, a slice of really tender leg of lamb with some proper home made mint sauce. A small glass of 'good' champayne sounds good too and some smoked trout or smoke salmon and don't forget the beetroot. don't forget loose the pills if you try and slip them into the ice cream forget it I will know by the way you are watching me. If you pretend to look out of the window I will spit them on the floor or maybe hide them in my Depends then you can tell that nice Dr Mom's pills are passing straight through her. oh the possibilities are endless.
Sorry Op I am not ignoring your question just use your common sense nothing is "normal' at the end of life. Hugs to you.
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It does sound like she's winding down. Typically people at the end of life quit eating and eventually quit drinking. When there's no longer much interest in fluids it's usually no long till the end. You may want to consider hospice care soon.
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kwriter, this is normal when someone is approaching the end of their life. No one can tell you exactly how much longer it will be. I do hope that her passing is peaceful. I know it has been a difficult last 14 years.
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