Moms been in a nursing home for about a month now. There's still hope that she'll be able to come home.

Recently after a nasty diaper rash has all but cleared up, she's started yelling help! Or oww! When I ask her what's wrong she says her butt hurts I ask her if she needs the nurse or if I can help her. She usually says there's nothing I can do. I get the nurse against mom's wishes and they check her briefs or turn her on her other side or give her a pain pill if it's time. Then, five minutes later regardless of what's been done she yell help! Or oww! Again. I ask again what's wrong and she says nothing and she's sorry. Then she does it again. It's getting worse. Her butt is almost healed but if it's something else no one can find it and she won't say what it is.

I've tried to lighten it up a little by reminding her of the boy who cried wolf and she laughs then a while later yells help.

Has anyone gone through this?

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From what I u derstand so far and believe me I'm new to this but with dementia they experience it all over again and again and again even when the problem is resolved. So things mat be healed but her/his head is still back stuck in the moment when it wasn't and gentle reminder that she has been taken care of and it should feel better.
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My MIL was in a nursing home where the gentleman in the room across the corridor yelled help almost continuously for hours every day. It was quite intrusive and distressing for others, so I expect that everything possible was being done. There was no reason, it just seemed to be an unbreakable habit. I hope that with your mother it doesn't last for months, although it didn't seem to upset the gentleman in question at all. Best wishes.
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Check her for constipation and hemorrhoids.
Try a sitz bath.
And use a buttrash cream, protective barrier.
Trim any hairs that may be pulled if she has tight underpants/diapers, or deep creases from being overweight.
Try a hemorrhoid cream to decrease swelling or pain.

Ask her doctor, because she needs to be comfortable.
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If the rash is still there then it probably still actually hurts. She probably yells everytime it hurts. If she's still doing it when the rash is completely gone then it may just be a habit she has formed while dealing with actual pain. If it keeps up for too long maybe the doc can prescribe a placebo magic butt pain removal pill for her?
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