I do not know if anyone knows what is going on.

Mom has been dropped by Medicare for therapy. I agree that she is not making progress. I actually think she stopped improving and did a major reversal a couple months ago.

She seems to understand very little of what is said to her. Nothing that she says makes any sense, it's just garbled syllables mashed together. She doesn't seem to even try to follow the processes the speech therapist taught her.

Combine that with the fact that she sleeps most of the time. Rarely getting up before 11am and sleeps most of that day in her chair...going to bed at 4pm.

She seems too tired to go anywhere. Doesn't want to do anything. Can't stay awake for any thing.

It must be very hard to be unable to communicate at all. Can't speak, can't write. Maybe this is Depression? Maybe this is another stroke? I remember how tired Mom was after the first stroke.

Just don't know what to do for her anymore. Clueless how to help.

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You're helping by being there, KatieKate. There really isn't anything better that someone else could be doing for her, or that you could be doing instead.

I agree that a hospice assessment might help, and couldn't possibly hurt. But be comforted meanwhile - if your mother needs to sleep, let her sleep. You're there to supply anything else she seems to want; but if there isn't anything... then... she's content. That's good. Just terribly sad for you to have to watch.
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Katiekat, I agree with staceyb..........I'm sorry to say but yes, it might be time for hospice care.
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Katiekat, maybe it's time to speak with her Dr about Hospice care. So sorry this is so hard for you!
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