My mom is needing to move to a new nursing home (we are all relocating to another area). My mom uses a scooter in her current nursing home. She has MS which is why she needs nursing care. The new home says she needs a scooter test done by there physical therapy department before my mom can use her scooter in her room and outside her room. The place my mom is leaving allowed her to use her scooter in her room when we signed a waiver, but she couldn't go out. I am going to discuss with pt about seeing if I can get a waiver in the new place so she can use it in her room. But I told her to be prepared that they may not allow it. She told me they can't stop her and she will transfer herself to her scooter in her room. Now for one, she should not be transferring herself, and I also know they can stop her. But does anyone know what will go on if she doesn't listen to them? I am personally worried she could be kicked out. She will have a scooter test done the next day so it's not like there is a very long waiting time for her. The problem with the wheelchair is that it hurts her hip to sit in. So I understand her not wanting to, and I'm doing to do everything I can go get the waiver, but I know places have rules that they can't just ignore. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything! :) I'm mostly asking what can happen to my mom if she doesn't listen, and is it too much to expect my mom to follow their rules in this situation?

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You are doing what you can to help, but as Churchmouse said, if your mother is mentally competent, you may have to let the staff handle it. They aren't being unreasonable to have her tested for her ability to use it without harming others and any new home is likely to do the same thing. Be firm in making that point and then step back and see what happens. Good luck,
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Is your mother mentally competent? - it sounds as if she is. In which case, the contract and all negotiations to do with it are for the NH and your mother to sort out between themselves. I'd stay serenely out of it, if I were you.

Also, wouldn't the NH be more likely to ask you to take the scooter away rather than your mother?
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I'm assuming that they don't want her to use her scooter in her room because they don't want her to transfer herself in and out of it. The worst that can happen would be if your mom ignored this rule, transfers herself, falls and injures herself. And if there's a rule about not using the scooter in the room it's probably for this reason.

It's not too much to expect your mom to follow the rules. We all have rules in our lives that we have to follow and some we may not like or agree with but we have to follow them. Your mom, being in a NH, is part of a community and that comes with some responsibility and obligation. I'm sure not everyone who lives there blindly follows the rules all day everyday especially if someone is suffering from dementia but if your mom is competent then she should be expected to abide by the NH's rules.

If your mom has to change her routine around a bit to accommodate the NH's policies it might be awkward for her at first but she'll get used to it. Most of us can adapt to new situations when necessary.
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