Dad is disabled and my 12 old son is autisic I am the caretaker of all of them. Mom is fixing to start kemo this week and my 12 son is autisic
i have had to move back in quit my job to take care of my family full time

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I can't give financial advice, I am seeking the same. However I will say...props to u,I am caring only for my mom with stage 4 nsc lung cancer and I am depressed angry and confused every day. Just remember this stage is advanced and quick from what I understand. I honestly think I would have done the same as u,because although some days with mom are frustrating to say the least I cherish every moment with her. And although I am broke and it's stressful had I not been unemployed during the time mom was diagnosed she would b alone a lot. And when u have been told you are dying,..down time can not be a good thing. Stay strong for her and try your best to keep her as active as possible. Reach out to American lung and cancer society. They are wonderful when it comes to advise and recourse. And don't be fake like it's just normal life as usual, but do not cancer cancer cancer her. And it is so hard sometimes because I mean what about me!!?? But it just really isn't its about mom because within a few years at best they will b gone, so no matter how ugly angry negative and down right mean they can be...try to take it in stride and just over look it. With my mom she had brain surgery so she forgets about her outburst within 30 min. And most importantly don't dwell. Enjoy it to the fullest. And there are many financial opportunities available for them and things to do for free just because they are terminal. Hugs and kisses to you and good job. U are an amazing woman
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Pamstegma is right. If you have worked enough hours in the last year at your job, you can request time off without pay to look after sick relatives and the employer has to keep your position open for you. Plus you can keep your health insurance if you have any. Talk to your human resources person at work. Best of luck. Please take care of yourself. Your poor Mom! This is a difficult diagnosis. Hugs.
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Do not quit the job, ask for a Family Medical Leave. Hope it's not too late to do that.
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Quitting your job is a really bad idea. Do your parents live in the same place?

You haven't really asked a question. I just wanted to point out that you have choices. Quitting your job shouldn't have to be the only option.
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