I took off from work no pay (hcpss) to care for my mom 4/2011 she died 11/01/2011. i went back to work got sick (liver cancer) stop working 2/2014 . i have no income from my job . i am trying to get long term disablity from my job that i paid into . i have four people at home that i take care of ages 15, 17, 18, 1 . plus my grand son girl friend that's having a baby .
my bg&e is off high bill. i get &90 in food stamps . i get foster care for two . i can not get id or social security card for them so they can get jobs . i am 59 years old sick and i need help !!!

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They can't work? send them back where they came from, including the girlfriend.
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Your profile says you are raising 3 grandchildren and 1 great grand child. Curious why the parents aren't caring for their own children, especially since you are seriously ill.

Are you saying you cannot get the 17 and 18 year old ID's or social security cards? Why not? Normally here in the States when a child is born, the parents get them a social security number. Why isn't the grandson's girlfriend not working or is she under age?
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Call your utility company and ecplain your situation. Call your local city government officials and tell them your plight.
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