Some background, I e-filed my mother's taxes in May. She owed some money for taxes. She gets SS direct deposit. Her income qualifies her to receive the $1200.

I went to the IRS site to check on it where you can enter her info. It shows a check was mailed. Well, she's been in about 4 different facilities since November of last year, so her mail has been forwarded to me. I'm guessing that the post office won't forward things like that.

So my guess is that it is just laying somewhere? This happened to her car registration too (but that was easy--at local county courthouse.) I really don't want to call and ask; I've had too many bad experiences of "kids calling about their parent's money" even though I have durable POA.

Anyone else hear about this? She doesn't really need the money right now, but I don't want it to get lost either.

IRS checks by mail always has a do not forward on the envelope.

What ever address was on file with the IRS before the check was mailed will be the address it was mailed to, unless you did a change of address between the return and the check.

Nursing homes do not verify that the checks coming in actually belong to their residents. Counter sign and deposit. We have had posts about these actions before.

I would not be worried about calling the NH about a check, I would deal with it as they should be embarrassed that you have to call.

To make situations easier in the future direct deposit is your friend.

Best of luck finding out where the check is.
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I would think that it was sent to the address that was on her tax form. If it was not able to be delivered to that address it may have been sent back to IRS. It could have been sent to the address that SS has on file.
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Contact the IRS directly.
Not sure, but when you e-filed and put your name as the "tax-preparer", that may help. (Not the kid, but the POA and tax-preparer). It also helps to give info rather than ask. For example:
"This is her address", instead of "What address did you send the check?".

What address did you use on the tax form? Start there.

That's all I have got, sorry.

Hoping it helps to know you are not the only one this is happening to.

Google: IRS Stimulus check lost.
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Not all post offices will forward IRS mail, most send it back to the IRS.
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You do need to follow up, even if it's just to go through the process and find another source.   There have been reports of fraudulent actions as thieves find yet another way to scam people.   

I think whether the post office will forward mail depends on the length of time for the change of address, and the addresses given.
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