My Mom is diagnosed with Parkinson's and walks around rooms all day. Do most have that behavior change?

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My mom is diagnosed as PD some days ago. Shè walks around rooms all day. Shè replies me she is not tired after long walks. I am ok with walking day time but when she continues at night too, I am worried about her sleep cycle. Do most PD patients have behavior change like that? What shall I do/think/discuss about this?

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It sounds like some form of dementia rather than PD, here are some other posts about it:
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I agree with cwillie. Let her doctor know about the endless walking. Some people with Alzheimer's pace. I don't know if this would be the case for Lewy body dementia that is often seen with PD. I guess it could be, depending on what portion of the brain was affected.

I hope they can find her something to help her sleep through the night, not just for herself, but for you too. People with PD are more likely to fall than other people, so walking around alone is worrisome. But caregivers have to sleep sometime.
Could be dementia and PD. Also, many folks with "Parkinson's Plus" disorders are initially misdiagnosed with PD. All these syndromes share significant common traits. But Parkinson's Plus disorders also create unique brain/logic disruptions and additional deteriorations. Google "Parkinson's Plus" or "Parkinsonian."

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