Also tested for dementia in intensive care, but hospital had her sign documents to admit her to geriatrics behavior ward because she repeatedly said for us not to sign for her because she didn't want us to be responsible for her hospital bill.
(at the time she was being treated for overdose. )The hospital wanted us to sign and guess what in small print it said we would be responsible for bill. The hospital is out to protect itself because they waited until last minute to show us the documents even though we waited for 4 days for them to admit her to behavior unit. Yes this really happened and I could not believe it either. They seem to count on desperate family members who want to get treatment for their loved ones. And even if they say no that is not what it means they want to make sure someone will pay the bill. Yes she has insurance and Medicare. Really make you wonder how to trust medical profession.

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You could talk to her about getting a medical POA and a durable POA which stays in force should she become mentally incapacitated. You probably might want to go to the lawyer together. It's best if you do this while she is able. Once things go south getting POA is a lot harder and more expensive. You are also right. Health care corporations can't be trusted. Once upon a time when the doctors contracted with insurance they had to accept what insurance paid as payment in full. Now most of them have a waiver for the patients to sign agreeing to pay the difference. It's usually on the page with the permissions for the doc to receive payment directly from the insurance companies.
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The lesson here is to read the small print on any document before signing it. depression and anxiety are not usually reasons for a person to be declared incompetent and I assume the Drs have not done that. Consult an elder lawyer and go ahead. It depends on whether Mom is willing to let you have POA
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