She has many other health issues, thinks she can take care of my father. She makes things more difficult than they are. How do I handle this matter?

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I think we'll need more information to respond to this, pinkcleats.

What kind of dementia does your father have (if known) and what stage is he in or what are his major symptoms? What are your mother's symptoms?

How often do you see your parents? Do you live with them, see them every day, visit once a week, etc. I'm just wondering how much observation is behind your concern.

What are your mother's other health issues? How old are your parents? How long has Dad had dementia?

I take it that you don't think she can take care of your father. What are the specific things she can't do? For example, are you worried about her managing his medicines? Does he need assistance getting in and out of bed, chairs, etc.? How does she make things more difficult?

Please give us more details. I can think of a whole range of suggestions but without knowing a little more about the situation it is hard to know what would apply here. The people here have a very large range of experience and we'd be glad to share our thoughts with you.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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