My boyfriend and I have been living with my mom for 4 years. We pay all the bills and he fixes a lot of things because he is a contractor. My mom has dementia. She cannot remember anything I tell her. She is incapable of paying any bills or cooking. She wont bathe unless I remind her. All she does is tear her room up with trash, mail, pulls out clothes, leaves moldy food out and to my horror, she now pee pees in containers in her room. There are gnats everywhere. We both take care of Mom. He brings her anything she wants. My problem is my brothers. My brother George called on Good Friday and was complaining about my boyfriend being here. He pays me $900 a month. I pay all of our bills and with my mom's SS money I pay some of her bills. She has a lot of credit card bills from department stores. My brother asked him to give him the money instead of me AND both my brothers want to borrow money on the house to fix things. The house is paid for. I've been paying back taxes for 2 years now and they want me to pay for the loan monthly. I am very upset because I know they just want money. My mom's sister and I just got power of attorney, but my brothers dont know. This is what they planned to do. My mom's mind is bad. I'm afraid they will get her to sign a new paper. Since she is worst with her mind can her doctor say she is incompetent to sign new papers? I do not want them to borrow a dime on her house. They act like we are on vacation here. And it's no big deal dealing with Mom. It's hard work to deal with house work, bills, yard work and her needs. They do absolutely nothing and never bring her any goodies or take her out. On Valentine's Day they didn't send a card, or flowers or anything. But they are so jealous we are here and complain about everything. My other brother is a contractor and he charged my Mom $8,000 for work and put in a new dishwasher that never did work. Not once. NEVER.. it's all moldy. My other brother suggested I buy a new one. I'm not. My mom paid for that one and I'm not replacing it unless I choose to. When I call my brothers haters I cannot stress it enough. Main thing is them tricking or talking our mother into a new power of attorney.

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Thank you so much Freqflyer. I will do everything you suggested.
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Yes, get a doctor's report that your Mother is incompetent. That way, if by chance your brothers do get your Mom to sign something new, the date will show being past the date of the doctor's report.

I think it would be very difficult for your brothers to have your Mom sign a new Power of Attorney or any new legal document because the document would need to be Notarized. Usually a Notary will refuse to allow an elder to sign the document is they think your Mom cannot understand what she is signing.
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