I'm new to this. Mum has dementia and her hygiene has really gone down hill. How do I cope?


Hi new here and living alone with mum who may have dementia! Can anyone tell me how they are coping with this? Her hygiene has really gone down hill and getting her to wash is impossible?

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So sorry you're going through this. I went through the same thing with my mother 2 1/2 years ago when she first moved in with us. Basically I had to tell her what she had to do and why. I couldn't negotiate or cajole, I just had to be really direct. I'd say "Mama, you have to go change your depends now. You smell bad." If she argued I'd just insist. It wasn't fun. In fact, it was really really stressful sometimes. But I knew that the woman she used to be would have been appalled to go around smelling bad and grossing out the grandchildren. Good luck!
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thanks I am just finding my way around this site!
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A lot of your questions can be answered by the search section on the top right side of the homepage... We're all going thru this together....keep asking we're always here..
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