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Have you spoken with her doctor about this behavior? What does the staff at the Memory Care facility say? I think this behavior is not that unusual. I would likely confirm that there's not something medically going on like illness, medication reaction, etc. I would make sure she wasn't in pain or hurt in her private area and that is causing her resistance. Could she have a UTI, yeast infection, allergy, etc?

After ruling that out, I might discuss the methods the facility uses. I would think they usually try to distract, approach her in different ways, and perhaps use humor. They are supposedly trained to handle these kinds of things.

I think that depression can cause a lot of resistance, as I saw that with my cousin. She was depressed, liked to just lie in bed and didn't want to be bothered getting her pull ups changed, but after she went on Cymbalta, she stopped wanting to sleep during the day and has no resistance to being changed or helped in the toilet now. I would look into that.

If the facility can't handle her, then I would locate one who can. I would think that dementia care facilities encounter this all the time.
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