I needed to be able to pay her bills, pay for food and other necessities, as well as small repairs to her apartment which is another question. We live in Florida together for the last year and three years ago she had a lady bird deed drawn up on her condo with me as the beneficiary. It's hard enough being a caregiver 24/7, but having all these other issues to worry about, yikes! At this point I have no intentions of putting her into a nursing home. I can better care for her at home and when it gets really bad, I will use whatever savings she has along with her Social Security to get the extra care I need at home for her. I seem to have gotten off the question at hand. Is it an issue me being on her checking and savings accounts?

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I'm just answering again to bump you up because I know there are ladies on here who can answer more precisely. But I think the risk would be greater if you were "Joint Tenants" on the account and you put your personal funds in. Then if your mom ran up a credit card bill, for example, or wanted to apply for Medicaid, they might look at the funds you put into that account as hers.
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Are you just listed as a co-signer on the account?  I don't think that should be an issue.
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