My mom is in stage 7 of Alzheimer's. Monday of last week, she could not bear weight on her legs at all. Then on Tuesday she was not talking and could no longer eat on her own. They had to use a sit and stand on her. The last few days, when she talks she has problems saying what she wants to say. Hospice came and checked on her the Wednesday and said that she is just declining. I think my mom had a mini stroke because all this happened in a few days.

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It may have been a stroke or it could have been the disease affecting new areas of the brain. Alzheimer's does that. Exact symptoms can vary among people because the lesions are in different parts of the brain. Over time the lesions spread to more areas, so that functions are loss one or two at a time as the lesions become serious enough to disrupt function. It can look very similar to stroke because both are due to damage of the brain. Loss of speech and ability to do motor skills often happen during the last stage. I imagine in this late stage that the medical people are probably not as concerned why it happened as how to keep her comfortable in the time she has left. I do hope she is peaceful. I am so sorry she is going through this. Big hugs to you.
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