I drive her around and bring her back and say "you are home". Helps a few hrs. I show her an envelope addressed to her and have her read off the streets until we return home. Just when I think she is o.k. a few hours later she starts again. She has lived in that home for 18 years and everything in it was bought by her and her husband (deceased). Why does she not recognize she home? Why when I bring her back to the exact same house she thinks she IS home?

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I'm wondering if it would help to get out photo albums and go through them when she's disoriented? Perhaps seeing the old photos might help ground her to her location?

Are there other things in the house that she might remember from years ago that you could bring out to share with her when she becomes confused? Something like a favorite quilt or throw, something she received as a birthday or Christmas present?

What about aromas? Did she cook, bake bread? If so, perhaps making her favorite dishes or baking bread would help bring back the memories and help orient her.
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shydi, according to your profile your Mom has Alzheimer's/Demetria, therefore "home" to her is her childhood home, back when being a child everything was happy. Those are probably the only memories that are clear to her right now.

To learn more about the different stages of Alzheimer's/Dementia, go to the blue bar above and click on SENIOR LIVING.... now click on ALZHEIMER'S CARE... scroll down to the articles about the different stages. This will help you know what to expect.
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