Lotions, showers don't help. Mom complains that her legs and arms are always itchy. Nothing helps. We have been to dermatologist and she didn't find anything wrong. Antihistamines don't work and I think one of her medicines is causing dry mouth, so I removed the suspected prescriptions for a week. I think she's paranoid. I don't know what else to tell her to do.

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Sarna lotion for itching is a godsend. Is there something in diet causing? Usual culprits are eggs, tomatoes, gluten and peanuts.

Are there liver issues? Kidney? They can cause. There is a soap called black African works. It is about 5 bux. The soap is black. The lather is not. I had a massive stress related itching thing, eczema. Awful. Between diet,the soap I named and sarna lotion I prevailed. It has never come back. Good luck. I feel for the scratchy and itchy.
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Look up psychogenic itching
You may want to consult a psychiatrist.
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