My mom collects cats but is unable to live alone anymore. Any suggestions?


My Mom, 86 has been taking care of herself, fairly well, up until this year. She has lived independently and drives, however this year she started hoarding cats, and will not stop. She recently failed her apt. inspection and so most likely be looking for a place to live. She is very manipulative and stubborn, but is unable to live alone anylonger. She is on medicaid with no extra money. Any suggestions?

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Pet hoarding is very serious condition. I've seen those with it treated on some tv documentaries. Often the SPCA gets involved and takes all the animals, because they often can convince the hoarder to give them up. Often the pets are not kept well and suffer from medical conditions that require vet care, which the hoarder cannot afford. They really have no choice but, to sign them over voluntarily.
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Very few Medicaid facilities allow pets for this reason. If she needs a place to stay, get her onto Section 8 housing lists immediately and ask her Medicaid case worker about placement assistance for a low income or waiver. Please note public housing frequently limits the number of pets to a certain weight and number with the ability for unannounced checks. Contact local shelters or SPCA to see about getting the hoarded animals placed before she is evicted and you have no time to place them. If she is hospitalized involuntarily, the animals could possibly be removed by the building owner if she is not in compliance with her lease. At the very least, make sure that you have the paperwork in place to help her - Power of Attorney Financial and Medical, and HIPAA authorization with her medical providers.
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I would call APS or social services and get a case worker to be the bad guy. It sounds like there is some kind of mental illness going on. Suddenly collecting cats is a sign that something is very wrong with your mother. If she doesn't get help with this with professionals, she will get hospital sick and so will the cats.
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