Dr. says Mom is in the last stage, we have hospice and she is in a nursing home. She needs complete care but knows what you say to her most of the time and knows me & my husband and the family. Is this possible with last stage dementia?

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Many people with dementia have what I call moments of clarity. It sounds that this is what's happening to your mom.

Also, often, before people die, they become very lucid. My dad did this. My and I were convinced he'd last at least a few more days, so she left to go to her home fifty miles away. By the time she was on the highway going home, Dad had died in my arms.

The fact that your mom has hospice care means that she's probably not suffering from pain which can help lucidity. She may remain lucid for awhile. Enjoy what you can. This is a gift.
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I too have seen people snap out of a dementia or Alzheimer's and become very lucid for short periods of time. It's like they're waking up from a deep sleep. Unfortunately it doesn't last but if your mom is experiencing this take the opportunity to tell her everything you'd like her to know before she is unable to understand again.
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