The nurses and CNAs tend to do just the bare minimums. I often find her either in her bed or just left sitting in the tv room with other residents. She thinks she's alone because there's no one to talk to. Any suggestions for how to entertain a soon to be 94-year-old who is used to having a companion during the hours she is awake. Are nursing home attendants not trained to handle sight impaired or blind individuals?

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I was thinking the same thing about hiring a companion caregiver, if one's budge can afford that cost. I know the employees at the nursing home are extremely busy and cannot spend time being social as there are triage to deal with.

Depending if the place is a "nursing home" or Assisted Living", both usually have some type of activities, more so at the Assisted Living. I realize it would a limited with your Mom not being able to see. She could enjoy the music entertainment if that is offered.
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What is the care ratio? There are many residents for them to care for. My mom's behaviors are so severe the we needed to hire a caregiver to be with her about 12 hours a day. That was in addition to the 6.5 K a month for the facility. Have you looked at care homes? Resident\caregiver ratio is smaller than a large facility. Unfortunately, some need increased level of care and it cannot reduce the care that other residents need. Maybe a caregiver hired by her or family for a few hours a day would help her adjust sooner.
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