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Sharonler, your profile says your mom is living with you. Does your dad live there, too? Or is she biting him when he visits? If he is visiting, don't leave her alone with him, and keep some distance between them (a table, for example). This is not a permanent solution.

Is the biting like a young toddler who tries to put anything in her mouth and bites at everything? Or more deliberate and with the intention to hurt?

Your poor family! This has got to be extremely upsetting. People with dementia often can't help their actions, and sometimes they are very confused about what their actions mean. For example, she may think "I want to kiss this man," and when she gets her mouth close to him she forgets what kissing is. I'm not trying to specifically explain her behavior but point out that in general dementia behaviors may not mean what they seem to mean. I hope Dad understands this concept. Help him not take this personally.

But whatever the reason behind the behavior, and even if Dad understands, it has got to stop. Just because persons with dementia don't know what they are doing does not mean that anyone should accept abuse.

What kind of doctor is treating her dementia? (GP, neurologist, etc) Have you discussed this behavior with the doctor? Are you satisfied that this doctor has experience and training in treating dementia? If not, I'd consider changing doctors. Is your mother now taking anything for her behavior? Anti-anxiety, antidepressant, any pills like that?

Tell us more about these biting episodes.

1) Prevent this from happening in the short run, probably by separating them.
2) Talk to her doctor about her behavior.
3) If necessary, find a dementia specialist for Mom.
4) Follow the doctor's advice. Get a second opinion if it seems too extreme to you.
5) Whatever else you do, comfort poor Dad. This is Not His Fault and not Mom's fault either. Dementia is a very, very hateful disease!
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Separate them. Send mom to the hospital for evaluation.
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Violence from someone suffering from dementia is not uncommon. Is you Dad able to protect himself? if he is suffering this abuse then he can not continue to care for her and she should be placed in a memory care unit.
Before you do this however consult her Drs to see if there are any medications that can control this behavior.
There probably are but bear in mind that this will probably make her very drowsy.
Does she bite anyone else or is Dad her sole caregiver? If Dad is doing this alone other family members need to step in and help him. Whether she still knows you or not is beside the point, this behavior can not be allowed to continue even though she probably has little or no control over her actions.
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