She has been having giant mood swings - very weepy, to talking about everything my dad has done to her that's bad, to occasional normalcy.
She does have severe depression (on meds that don't seem to help, but she has been tried on everything), and she has for years, but it's a lot worse. She is almost bedridden because she has a spinal problem, but she can walk, but barely. She has a wheelchair and a hoveround, but doesn't want to leave the house (says my dad won't take her out) to go anywhere, but fusses when my dad leaves. Now, she thinks my dad is trying to do her in because she sets the a/c on something and she knows my dad is tryng to give her a heat stroke by changing the thermostat. Dad says she is punching in things that are wrong, and he fixes it, but she doesn't understand. I'm not there, but I know something is going on. She complains nonstop about my dad - he can be selfish at times, but according to her, he's an ogre now., and a terrible person. I live about 15 miles from her and call her everyday, but lately, she does nothing but complain and cry. Sometimes, she will talk about normal stuff, such as my kids (triplets). But, this is becomng less and less. I'm an only child, by the way with a young family, and I teach school. I am about at my wit's end. What should be the next step I take? She is threatening to tell everyone she knows about how bad my dad is, and she has already told a few people. My dad and I talk regularly about this, by the way.

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She needs to be seen by a doctor for sure. And YOU need to be at that visit for sure too. I hope they both have you listed as DPOA or at least listed as a person that can hear from a doctor as to what's going on.
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