My Mom's stage 4 breast cancer is advancing. She's 75 and recently had surgery to put a rod in her leg to strengthen it and help minimize the cancer there. She seems to becoming fragile and dependent over night. It makes me sad and it's shocking. We have to remind her to drink protein shakes and take her medications. My brother is taking over her finances. It's a dramatic change from her working a month ago. Strategies appreciated.

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Suggestions? Find caregiver support. This site is wonderful for that. But meeting people in person is best, so you have people you can call, have coffee with, share stories and experience.
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Just be kind to yourself. There is no strategy, sorry to say. I'm a planner about life too. I always want to do things to help my loved ones. Sometimes there is nothing you can do.

I lost my mom April 12th. It was painful. It will be for a long time.

My dad died from brain cancer 2 1/2 months from diagnosis. It was a shock and still is seven years later.

Advance grief is bad. I imagine you feel that now with your mom's diagnosis. Oh, it's soooo hard. Huge hugs to you! I had miles to drive to see my parents.

Had to leave my just turned 14 yo son to deal with things.

It was one of the hardest things ever in my life.
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