My mom is very educated and has always been very independent. She was recently diagnosed with aphasia and it seems that the progression is VERY quick. She continues to write emails and tries to manage her accounts on her own but I have been reviewing her emails and bank accounts frequently to ensure there is no major trouble. We are getting to a point where I am not comfortable with the actions she is trying to take and her emails are not making sense. Are there any suggestions as to how to manager her email account?

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I'm sorry your mom has this. I would think it's going to be kind of hard to do this because your mom doesn't have a mental problem - just a speech problem - and undoubtedly she won't want to lose her independence. Would it be possible to offer to handle these things yourself so she won't be bothered with them as a favor to her? Of course if she's writing e-mails to friends - you wouldn't be able to do those. But hopefully her friends know she has aphasia. If they don't, you may want to call them or shoot them a quick e-mail to let them know so if they do get something they can't comprehend - they will be more understanding. But you could offer to help her with her bank accounts and bills. Maybe explain that you really want to help her somehow and that's the only way you know how right now? Just a thought. Good luck!!!
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